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We Are Locally Crafted Serving For over 30 Years!

Krispy’s Kajun Chicken is an original registered franchise currently operating under one location (4997 Hwy 7E). We offer fried chicken that is juicy and flavoured as spicy or mild. We are committed to serving hand slaughtered Halal chicken and use only Halal ingredients

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Monday - Sunday | 11AM - 8.30PM

Our Menu

Quality Ingredients,

We use finest & freshest ingredients grown locally and from around the glob to tingle your taste buds.

Individual Meals

Crispy, Tender & Juicy chicken

Start $7.99

Tender & Nuggets

Krispy’s uses only the best seasoning and spices.



Select 2 , 3 , 4, 5 to all the way to family size

Start $7.69

Family Meals

We got you covered with all party or family size.

Start $15.99

Biscuits & Snacks

We offer verity of sides and snacks

Start $3.50

Happy Customers!

The service and food here are both amazing. The staff is friendly, patient, and work very fast. The food was hot, delicious, and came out perfect. I always went to mainstream fried chicken spots, but this place puts them to shame! Not as oily or greasy, and way better taste and quality. Definitely recommend

- Shamika Smith

"Better quality chicken pieces, better prices, and the service is great."

- Jose Hatts

"Awesome place to satisfy your fried chicken craving run by an awesome family."

- Monica Tata

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